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Before you decide if filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal it is important to have an understanding of what debts the process of going bankrupt or making a consumer proposal will eliminate. Knowing what debts will be discharged when your bankruptcy or consumer proposal process is successfully finished is important to know. While bankruptcy […]

Many people take pride in providing a good life for their family and children and are wondering if filing bankruptcy or making a consumer proposal will affect their children. People spend their whole lives working to provide a secure home, food to eat, and warm clothing to wear. However, many Canadians are also dealing with […]

A major benefit of a consumer proposal is the flexibility in the payment arrangements you can make with your creditors. To file a consumer proposal, you will work with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (the only professional who is legally licensed to file consumer proposals under the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act) to create a repayment plan. […]

Consumer Debt Proposals in Canada With a Consumer Proposal You Keep all of Your Assets, Including your Home, Car and RRSPs Reduce Your Debt By 70% or More Stop Creditor Collection Attempts, Harassing Collection Calls and Wage Garnishments 400+ Offices Across Canada | 20 Years of Experience | 100,000 Satisfied Canadians What Is A Consumer […]

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