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Title: Negotiating Consumer Proposals – What Your Creditors Expect   In Canada, you’re presented with many methods to get out of debt. One of these is a consumer proposal, which is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors. It’s a way for you to formally negotiate new terms and come to an arrangement […]

What is a Registered Consumer Proposal?   What is a registered consumer proposal in Canada? This may seem like a confusing topic, but it’s more straightforward thank you think. A basic definition of a consumer proposal is that it’s an offering you make to creditors with the aim of paying your debts. Typically, it includes […]

Title:   How Consumer Proposal Payments Are Calculated       Generally speaking, consumer proposal payments result in settling your debts for roughly 30-40 percent on the dollar. However, the cost of a consumer proposal varies for each person based on a few factors, including income, assets, and debts. You may be thinking to yourself […]

Title:   Are Student Loans Forgiven In A Consumer Proposal?   You’re not alone if you’re dealing with student loans that have piled up over the years. You can compare student loans to that of all unsecured debts. You may be curious to know: “Are Student Loans Forgiven in a Consumer Proposal?” The answer is, […]