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A consumer proposal is an effective debt relief option that allows you to avoid bankruptcy and pay off a portion of your debt over an extended period. However, it will have a negative impact on your credit rating, which can make things difficult in future. Many people that enter into an agreement of this kind […]

Get The Most Out of Your Credit Cards With These Secrets When is a good deal not a good deal? How do you really know if a credit card is right for you? Just how much room for negotiation is built into credit card fees? And how do you know if a card is too […]

How Do Unpaid Parking Tickets Impact My Credit Score? Countless things impact your credit rating in Canada. Everything from defaulting on bill payments to loans yet to be discharged appear. It is no surprise that one of the concerns which crawls onto your credit report – and thereby affects your score – is an unpaid […]

When you take a credit card, you might receive additional service offers from your credit card companies, including balance protection insurance. In theory, credit card balance protection cover is designed to help cardholders in case of unexpected financial issues. The promise is straightforward: If you can’t make your payment toward the outstanding credit card balance, […]