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I Am Leaving Canada – What Happens To My Debts?

Exiting Canada: The Fate of Your Financial Obligations When the decision to leave Canada is made, a bevy of questions surrounding financial responsibilities come into play. What happens to my debts? This article unpacks the complexities and implications of debt management for those planning to leave Canada. The Unavoidable Reality of Debts Whether you are … Read more

What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy Discharge

Understanding what bankruptcy discharge is, when it happens, and its consequences is crucial for anyone going through the bankruptcy process. This article aims to detail the essential aspects of the bankruptcy discharge process in Canada. Understanding Bankruptcy Discharge Bankruptcy discharge marks the end of the bankruptcy process, freeing the bankrupt from the obligation to repay … Read more

Debts That Stay

What happens to my debt when I go bankrupt in Canada? Declaring bankruptcy essentially implies that you are legally informing the authorities that you are no longer in a position to repay your existing loans. However, this does not always mean that your debt will be discharged. Discharging of debt involves relieving you of your … Read more

Are 407 ETR Debts Dischargeable in Bankruptcy or Proposal?

407 ETR Debts in Bankruptcy / Consumer Proposal The Background People with financial woes have two trains of thoughts in their minds usually. One – should they work on a formal Consumer Proposal or file for Bankruptcy? Two – even if they do choose either of these options, to what extent would they be granted … Read more

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