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Are 407 ETR Debts Dischargeable in Bankruptcy or Proposal? The Background People with financial woes have two trains of thoughts in their minds usually. One – should they work on a formal Consumer Proposal or file for Bankruptcy? Two – even if they do choose either of these options, to what extent would they be […]

Foreclosure vs Mortgage Bankruptcy in Canada When it comes to Foreclosure and Mortgage Bankruptcy, there are some key differences one should be aware of. These differences include the process, timeline and most importantly, the ramifications. To learn more, please continue reading. Foreclosure What is it? When you can’t pay your mortgage, your lender may commence […]

The Federal Government and the Provinces have limitation acts which provide a limit on the time an unsecured debt survives. Speak to a bankruptcy trustee about your unsecured debts and the statute of limitations. If an unsecured debt is not collected or payments are not made on the unsecured debt then after a certain time […]

What Can I Do If I Receive Collection Calls From a Debt Included in Bankruptcy? Collection Calls From a Debt Included In Bankruptcy: Once you have filed bankruptcy all collection activity should stop. Your Trustee is responsible for notifying your creditors that you have gone bankrupt and that the stay of proceedings is in effect. […]